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Advanced Plastering Stucco Remediation Specialists

1340 Dell Road Worcester, PA 19403

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About Advanced Plastering Stucco Remediation Specialists


As a family owned business, we value our services, and attention to every detail.

We at Advanced Plastering truly CARE about each job we perform.

From the initial meeting, through the remediation, to the end reveal and there after…

Advanced Plastering is proud to have been able to work closely with each client.

We are the best because we use the best products, plus we install them the right way the first time. We have had many clients of ours call us in need of our stucco remediation services due to weather and water damage to their stucco. You would not believe how many of those calls were from people that lived in homes that were not even 5 years old, and still had noticeable damage to them! We tore out all of the existing stucco and replaced the entire exterior of their homes with the most advanced and best products on the market, ensuring they will not need any stucco remediation services anytime in the next couple of decades or so.

We stand by our work and we guarantee the quality!

The initial vision is a beautiful home, one which the homeowner strives to purchase, maintain and be proud of. The exterior of the home is finished with various constructed details, stucco, brick, stone, and siding. Each unique to the home, which gives it a lust curb appeal.

What is not visible, is the potential for real and serious underlying problems. Water infiltrating these exterior facades. An inspection and further in depth view of behind the outer finishes is required to observe a true determination of what is occurring that is not apparent to a simple visual of the exterior premises.

Each home varies in the problems that may be underlying.

Why may you need a Remediation Specialist?

• Stained chimney
• Stucco discoloration/deterioration
• Efflorescence or blistering of the stucco
• Cracks in the stucco
• Exterior doors and windows cracking, wood separation
• Leaks inside around the doors, windows, plumbing, and electrical
• Evidence of staining
• Siding/stucco bulging
• Leaking windows
• Home has sustained water damage
• Stucco extends below grade

If you answered YES to any of these questions or have already obtained a detailed inspection report that has alerted you to what is happening, then you are a candidate for remediation.

Letting the hidden problems go unattended, will not keep them from becoming further water damaging areas throughout your home.

A homeowner wants to feel safe and secure in their investment of a purchased home. Advanced Plastering Complete Remediation Specialists are skilled in the most efficient ways to eliminate these problems. The remediation will be the correction and resolution, that will restore peace of mind once again to the homeowner that will be occupying their home for many years to come.

1340 Dell Road
Worcester, PA 19403
Phone: 610-584-1848
Email: [email protected]

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