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Indoor Air Quality Inc. – Clean Air Specialists

Box 768, Phoenixville, PA 19460

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I.A.Q. Clean Air Specialists

About Indoor Air Quality Inc. – Clean Air Specialists


The last majority of homes built over the last 75 years were insulated with asbestos.  Identification and removal of asbestos containing materials is important to all homeowners.

Asbestos in the home is a matter of serious concern.  Much of it may be at least partially damaged or not completely contained, which may pose a source of exposure to asbestos fibers.  Asbestos exposure can be a health risk of the fibers released and present in the air for people to breathe.  Indoor Air Quality, Inc. trained, licensed and fully insured personnel can identify asbestos containing materials in your home.  They can then remove the material safely, cleanly, efficiently and completely.

I.A.Q. Inc can help you with:

Free home inspections and estimates,

Bulk laboratory analysis of any suspected asbestos containing material,

Flawless asbestos abasement contracting experience,

Certification of re-occupancy clearance air testing for real estate transactions,

Alternative solutions,

Guaranteed results

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