Phoenixville Real Estate Guide

A town on the rise!

Your Phoenixville Real Estate Guide boasts of the historic charm blending with modern mindset in this borough in Chester County. Located about 28 miles northwest of Philadelphia’s city center at the junction of French Creek and the Schuylkill River, Phoenixville has incredible scenic views and up-to-date offerings!

This borough was first settled in 1732 and incorporated in 1849 as an important steel and iron mill manufacturing community. As with boroughs/towns in the area, Phoenixville acknowledges its growth pattern from excellent location next to waterways and railroads. Another interesting product of the area is the famous (and now highly collectible) Etruscan majolica pottery.

A recent downtown revitalization has brought Phoenixville back to life from being an “old mill town” to being named by Travel Mag as one of the most charming towns in Pennsylvania.

With revitalization came a new wave of craft breweries and a distillery to this borough with a population of about 17,000. Fun fact – downtown Phoenixville has more breweries per square foot than anywhere in the US – now, if that doesn’t get you thinking “this is a place to land”, what will?!

Neighborhoods – a great mix of new and old

Showing you a variety of neighborhoods is what gets this Phoenixville Real Estate Guide pumped! The town has a sense of tight-knit community – folks live here because it is peaceful, family-friendly, loads of local flair, and fun! Still, being close to Philadelphia, the large city bustle and conveniences are super attainable – including transportation, employment, sporting events, higher education, and more.

The cost of living index here is about 106, a tad over the national average. Median home prices are near $250,000.

Here are some possible neighborhoods for your house hunt:

No matter your budget and your wish list, between you and this Phoenixville Real Estate Guide your next home is sure to be just what/where you want to be! Get those moving boxes prepped!

The Phoenixville School District instructs approximately 4000 students while maintaining a 13:1 student to teacher ratio. The District is proud to support the community with a great educational environment as well as community involvement.

Outdoor Enthusiasm and Essentials

As noted for other towns/boroughs, the trail system around here is magnificent! Over 900 miles for all levels from beginners to experts – hiking, biking, running, nature loving, wildlife watching, just get going!

Your Phoenixville Real Estate Guide encourages everyone to visit:

Golf anyone? Pickering Valley Golf Club offers a challenging public course with scenery you cannot beat. Rivercrest Golf Club is a gorgeous private course with all kinds of social offerings as well as golf.

Phoenixville Real Estate Guide - Arts and Culture

Seems the “social network” of Phoenixville is The Colonial Theatre. Your Phoenixville Real Estate Guide loves the old-school Hollywood glam mixed with current day events/movies. The theatre opened in 1903 (primarily with live shows and vaudeville) and now runs both new and classic movies on screen. The marquee is most famously known from the 1958 cult favorite “The Blob” which was filmed in the area. Follow the Facebook page for all the happenings here at “The Colonial”.

Bridge Street is the “main drag” – home to wine-tasting rooms, local shops & boutiques, restaurants, coffee houses, and … walkable!

Art “stuff” … check out Art Gallery @ Franklin Commons, eclectic and ever-changing local art on display and a great event space. Also, Diving Cat Studio & Gallery has a beautiful array of pottery, glass, jewelry, local artisans.

First Fridays here in Phoenixville are … lively! Music. Street performers. Food. Boutique shopping. This all adds up to one big party!

Seasonal events in your Phoenixville Real Estate Guide include:

  • Firebird Festival pays homage to the roots of the town by a finale burning of the phoenix. This one-day festival is touted as one of the best in the Philly area!
  • Dogwood Parade & Festival is a week of events – parade, rides, music, and more!
  • Blobfest is a 3-day event centered around The Colonial Theatre with movie nostalgia, a street fair, music, food trucks – you get the idea – FUN!

Not really “arts and culture” but deserving mention … Christmastime is magical here in Phoenixville! Lights. Local traditions. Local shops. YES! Bring on the jingle!

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