Pottstown Real Estate Guide, Let’s get started with some history …

Pottstown is a borough in Montgomery County, governed by a city manager form of government and a seven-member council. This borough was laid out in 1752 and incorporated in 1815. Your Pottstown Real Estate Guide enjoys the size of this community at approximately 23,000 covering about 5 square miles. The borough was founded by ironmaster, John Potts. Fun fact, the land was originally deeded to the famous English writer, William Penn. Steel from Pottstown was used in building the Panama Canal and the Golden Gate Bridge. Cool, right!?!

Typical of this area, early industry was iron and then steel. Also, Pottstown is near productive farming and dairy operations.

Dating back to the mid-1700’s leads to several sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places – here are some to make sure to see/explore:

  • Henry Antes House – built in 1736, an excellent example of the Moravian settlement houses. Very well preserved with still intact interior finishes. George Washington used this house as a headquarters for several days during the American Revolutionary War.
  • Pottsgrove Mansion – built in 1752 by John Potts, founder of Pottstown, an example of early Georgian architecture.
  • Roller Mill – an original mill building built in 1725 – the nation’s oldest mill.
  • Jefferson Elementary School – originally built in 1923 with Classical Revival style architecture. No longer an active school.

Getting from here to there … infrastructure …

Situated on the Schuylkill River, Pottstown is nestled in the middle of Philadelphia (40 miles to the southeast), Reading (20 miles to the northwest), and Allentown (30 miles to the northeast). The Schuylkill River makes for excellent greenspace and scenery options – the river runs 130 miles and joins into the Delaware River in Philadelphia.

The Pottstown Real Estate Guide boasts of infrastructure in the area. Having a river and three sizable cities nearby makes for excellent gateways to highways, air travel, and rail. The Colebrookdale Railroad, also known as “The Secret Valley Line” offers excursions from Boyertown to Pottstown – dining, scenic, wine trips, etc. There has been rustling about reinstating a rail system between Reading/Pottstown/Philadelphia – this would be excellent for commuters and lots of folks are pulling for same! Currently Pottstown Area Rapid Transit, a bus system, offers some options rather than driving your own vehicle.

Happenings in Pottstown …

A unique Pottstown Rumble Volleyball event just completed the 29th annual. This is the largest grass volleyball tournament in the country. Along with sport, the best part (for the non-athletic Pottstown Real Estate Guide) is the food, vendors, fireworks, music … yes, it is basically a festival! But, true to the sport itself, there is some serious cash prize money, clinics, and famous players – if you aren’t familiar with or into volleyball, this will make you an instant fan.

Home to the US Hot Air Balloon Team – year around ballooning for scenic rides, romantic occasions, and safe leisure activity. Ballooning over eastern Pennsylvania is truly spectacular! A balloon festival for your viewing pleasure occurs here, too.

The city of Pottstown has 17 parks – if you can determine a favorite, you are way ahead of your Pottstown Real Estate Guide in this department! Parks with spray grounds, playgrounds, hiking/biking trails, ballfields, skate parks, nature galore … GO EXPLORE!

Feel like a kid again aboard the Pottstown Historic Carousel, the second oldest operating Philadelphia Toboggan Company wooden carousel in the country – it is a work of art, sure to make both young and old grin!

Day Trips from Pottstown – oh my! ENDLESS options, but here are some of your Pottstown Real Estate Guide favorites:

  • Hershey Park – an amusement park in Hershey, PA – about 65 miles / 90 minutes away
  • Longwood Gardens – a horticultural showcase in Kennett Square, PA – about an hour away
  • Amish Experience – Lancaster County, about an hour outside Pottstown
  • Gettysburg – historic to the max and only about two hours (110 miles) away

About Economics and Education here …

Far enough outside the larger cities, the cost-of-living index in Pottstown runs about 95-101 – meaning, right at the national average. Median home price is currently around $130,000 with options for all price ranges and size of home. Many homes in the area are built in a traditional/colonial style, but your Pottstown Real Estate Guide will take your “must have list” and find the home you are dreaming of.

A charming and thriving downtown district await you in Pottstown. A popular place for this Pottstown Real Estate Guide is the High Street Terminal Market with shopping, coffee, baked goods, event space, music, grab & go meals, sit-down eating – a real gathering and happening local spot with all locally owned/sourced vendors. Loads of other options for eats and boutiques in the downtown area – local is a big thing!

The Pottstown School District serves the borough with four elementary schools, an early-learning center, one middle school, one high school, and a virtual academy.

Pottsgrove School District serves the surrounding townships in Montgomery County with three elementary schools, and one each of middle and high schools.

Owen J. Roberts School District with five elementary, one middle, one high school serves the suburban/rural area to the south of Pottstown in Chester County.

There are several private schools in Pottstown. The Hill School is a top coeducational independent boarding and day school for grades 9-12.

The Regional Pottstown Library is an excellent community resource.

Thinking of furthering your education? Well, you have SO many choices within a short commute. Community colleges, trade schools, colleges, universities – well into the hundreds for options.

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