Expert Tips For Color Selection – Sherwin Williams & Sue Wadden Director of Color Marketing

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Published on February 13, 2020

8 Expert Tips For Color Selection – Kitchen From Spring Edition Modern Farmhouse Style

#1. Use Your Favorites

When selecting a paint color for a room, draw inspiration from some of your favorite accessories – such as pillows, artwork and rugs.SW 7045Intellectual GrayInterior / ExteriorSW 6712Luau GreenInterior / Exterior

#2 Explore ColorSnap®

Explore more than 1,500 colors, virtually paint your rooms and instantly turn any online image into a unique color palette. Launch ColorSnap® Visualizer to try on colors now.

#3 Unify Similar Tones

To ensure a smooth color transition, choose a color for a room, then paint the adjacent space using tones from the same color chip either two shades lighter or darker.SW 6465SpearmintInterior / ExteriorSW 6463BreaktimeInterior / Exterior

#4 Complement Feature Walls

It doesn’t take much color to punch up a space. A, nook, window bay or headboard can make a great feature wall – perfect for a strong splash of color to accent your room.SW 9109Natural LinenInterior / ExteriorSW 6717Lime RickeyInterior

#5 Utilize Hallways

The end of a hall can be the perfect spot to feature an unexpected hue that might otherwise overpower an entire room. Encourage more than a passing glance by displaying interesting artifacts on a narrow console.SW 6545Majestic PurpleInterior / ExteriorSW 9109Natural LinenInterior / Exterior

#6 Test Your Colors

To see how a color will look in a space, pick up a Color to Go® Paint Sample at your local Sherwin-Williams store, paint a section of your wall, and see how it looks in different lighting throughout the day.

SW 7019Gauntlet GrayInterior / ExteriorSW 6871Positive RedInterior / Exterior

#7 Note Light Sources

Color never stands alone. Whether it’s natural daylight or artificial lighting, light can dramatically change the appearance of certain colors. Viewing color samples throughout the day is always the best way to find colors you’ll love.SW 6662Summer DayInteriorSW 6035Gauzy WhiteInterior / Exterior

#8 Consider Finish

Try different sheens of the same color to help your space stand out. A high gloss finish gives this chest a unique look even when painted the same color as the flat-finished wall behind it.SW 6614Quite CoralInterior / ExteriorSW 6487CloudburstInterior / Exterior

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