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Trained Eye Home Inspections – InterNACHI Certified

Serving Montgomery, Chester & Berks Counties

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Brian Mower, CPI

[email protected]

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About Trained Eye Home Inspections – InterNACHI Certified


Trained Eye Home Inspections, LLC
Serving South Eastern Pennsylvania
Brian Mower, CPI    Owner/Inspector

Call: 267-640-9910
[email protected]
I provide a thorough home inspection while applying my 25+ years of home building, maintenance knowledge and experience. I’m not on time limits, my only priority is you. I am also first time buyer friendly, I take the time to show you how your home works and I will be available for you to answer any questions about the home long after the inspection ends. We also can schedule any other inspections you may need with just one call, termite, radon, well, water testing and more. 
        Call today to book your inspection. I am Certified, well experienced and fully insured.
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I will assist you with any additional inspections you may need, Termite/WDI, Radon, Septic, Well, Pool.  Call now, One call does it all.

Home Inspections
​Termite (WDI) Inspections

Radon Testing
Thermal imaging (Infrared) Inspections
​Septic Inspections
Well Inspections
​Pool Inspections
I service South Eastern Pennsylvania


   I am NOT on time limits and will stay as long as needed.
My only priority is you – the client.
I walk and crawl in areas where some of my competition refuses or cant go.
I use tall Ladders to access roofs.
Same day service is possible.
  Certified IAC2: “Certified” International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultant (IAC2).
I am Certified by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI).   

I use a Thermal camera – I have the ability to see what others cant without one.                                             I have a team of Master Inspectors, Master Plumbers, Carpenters, Masons etc. They are at my disposal to keep my skills updated and I am able to consult with them when needed.
Easy Payment Options – I accept Cash, Checks, Credit Cards.

$10,000 Honor Guarantee, Backed by InterNACHI
I use an Infrared camera on every inspection as a standard tool.  I look for moisture intrusion, electrical hot spots, mechanical and plumbing defects that could have gone undetected. 
Call me NOW for a thorough inspection and Complete Inspection Report filled with information, issues of concern and photos of the systems in your home along with defects. Trained Eye Home Inspection, LLC assures you of a comprehensive report that is easy to read and understand. 
✓  I use a thermal (Infrared) camera.
✓  Major and minor deficiencies identified.
✓  Potential safety hazards highlighted.
✓  I show you how various systems work.
✓  Conditions found are reviewed step by step.
✓  I utilize pro tools such as a thermal camera, carbon monoxide detector, and combustible gas analyzers.
✓  Detailed reports in 24 hrs or less via email.
✓  Attention to detail is vital. 


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