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About WIN Home Inspection – Home Inspector

About WIN Home Inspection

WIN Home Inspection (WIN) was founded in 1993 in Seattle, Washington, and has developed into a network of more than 190 locations in 33 states, making it one of the fastest growing home inspection companies today.

WIN began with home inspection business franchises in the Pacific Northwest and within a year, not only dominated this regional market but has since expanded across the U.S., with more than 190 locations in 33 states.

Part of the equation for success of WIN is the growing demand for home inspection services. Driving this increase is heightened consumer awareness of the necessity for home inspections in the buying process, an advocacy of home inspections by Realtors® and lenders, and the introduction of mandatory property disclosure laws requiring the seller to fully disclose any problems with the property.

Differentiating each WIN home inspector from all others even further is the wide array of services available. With environmental concerns on the rise, many WIN inspectors have home inspector training and are qualified to perform mold screening, radon testing, sampling for lead in water, water quality analysis, septic and well system evaluations, and swimming pool inspections, in addition to a complete array of home inspection services. (All services not available at all WIN locations. Please contact your local WIN home inspector for service availability.) The anticipated industry growth combined with the proven business concepts of WIN, positions WIN Home Inspection to dominate every market it targets.

For more information about WIN Home Inspection and our home inspection business opportunity, contact us at 1-800-967-8127.

Mission Statement and Core Values

Together, we work as Strategic-Partners to earn a leadership position in the real estate services industry.

Our reputation is built on our professionalism, a foundation of integrity, top technology and commitment to relationships.

Customer satisfaction and Strategic-Partner value define our success.

  • Promote positive morale and mutual respect
  • Be honest in everything we do
  • Do what is right, not what is expedient
  • Be friendly and courteous at all times
  • Project a consistent, professional image
  • Commit to personal and professional growth
  • Provide a fun and challenging work environment
  • Be accountable

    The WIN Way

    At WIN Home Inspection, we understand where we fit in and we serve accordingly. We are blessed to provide a service that assists home buyers, sellers and owners with a large transaction that tends to be their most meaningful possession – their home. We provide our customers with vital information in a timely, professional and easy-to-understand way. We convey actionable information in a balanced context that ensures clarity and common understanding. We value the opportunity to serve in the stream of service providers in a real estate transaction and promptly and accurately perform our role with respect and appreciation.

    No one thing makes us or breaks us and for all things that impact the customer’s service experience we have defined and implemented The WIN Way to do them. Our inspectors offer the highest level of personalized service while providing the best home inspection in today’s market.

    • We are on-time and arrive in a vehicle with professionally identified WIN brand graphics
    • Our inspectors wear professional WIN attire – and we use booties to keep the customer’s home clean
    • WIN Home Inspectors are licensed and insured and conduct inspections using our very own proprietary software to deliver the same high quality home inspection report every time we work with customers

    At WIN, we listen.

    The WIN Way means we value your input and we are committed to providing great service experiences while also building long-lasting relationships. That’s why are ready to answer your questions, and why we survey our customers following the inspection.

    WIN Home Inspection is privately held and our founders and operating system developers have retained ownership and are engaged in the business. Our Home Office support staff is wonderfully enabled to work along side our Strategic-Partners in a manner where common sense is common practice.



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