5 Ways to Replace Face-to-Face Meetings & Interaction

RE/MAX Achievers 2 Offices in Collegeville & Pottstown Offering Real Estate Services
RE/MAX Achievers 2 Offices in Collegeville & Pottstown Offering Real Estate Services
Published on March 25, 2020

RE/MAX Achievers real estate is wishing our community safe and healthy wishes. With social distancing and the recommendations to stay inside in full effect, it’s important to find ways to still create that same feeling while playing it safe. Here are five ways to safely get “face-to-face.”

1. Mail Call

Send a simple token to let people know you are thinking of them. A deck of cards or other card games (UNO, Go Fish, Old Maid) are easy to send and can be a great relief for boredom.

2. Virtual Hello

Create and send a short, personalized video for each of your clients. Add a small detail that makes them feel special. Or, if you think it is appropriate, be a little silly.

3. Meals on Wheels

Arrange to have your client’s favorite food delivered to their door. Many local restaurants are starting delivery service to combat the shutdown of their dining rooms. Contact smaller restaurants to see if this is something they offer.

4. Drop It

If your local health authority has not issued a “shelter in place” order, you can simply drop off whatever item you were already planning to bring to your clients. Meaning, leave it on their porch. Text afterward to alert them of your “visit.”

5. Action Without Interaction

Purchase a digital iTunes or Amazon gift card and send to your clients to let them know they should have a movie night on you!

It is important to follow the guidelines presented by all agencies and health officials to keep both you and those who are important to you safe. For more ideas, tips and information about continuing to serve your clients and your family during this challenging time, check out our Buffini & Company blog.

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