Hosting a Property Inspection VERSUS Waiving a Property Inspection – Chapter ONE, By RE/MAX Achievers Real Estate

RE/MAX Achievers 2 Offices in Collegeville & Pottstown Offering Real Estate Services
RE/MAX Achievers 2 Offices in Collegeville & Pottstown Offering Real Estate Services
Published on December 18, 2019

As a real estate purchaser, when your RE/MAX Achievers real estate agent drafts your agreement of sale contract AKA “OFFER” it is important to understand that, you the purchaser, have the right to elect property inspections or waive property inspections.  There are many forms of property inspections.  

To simplify the thought process of the choice between hosting a property inspection versus not hosting a property inspection RE/MAX Achievers real estate presents the following thoughts to consider.  

RE/MAX Achievers real estate asks would you purchase an automobile without test driving it, without lifting the hood, without examining the interior and the exterior or without sitting inside?  Would you purchase an automobile without asking about the warranties included in the purchase?

This thought process can be applied to the purchase of real estate.   Obviously, you would not “test drive” a home!  BUT would it be in, you the purchasers (Buyers), best interest to protect your investment and inspect in the interior and the exterior of the property?  Would it be in your best interest to examine the interior from the foundation level to the top floor?  Would it be in your best interest to examine the exterior of the property to conclude the condition of the exterior walls, the roof, the landscaping including shrubs and trees?  The answer to just a few of these questions is YES!   It is alway in a purchasers BEST interest to host property inspections by a hired and trained professional inspector.

This also applies to land purchases and commercial real estate purchases.  Yes, land and commercial real estate may experience the same inspection scrutiny should a real estate purchaser decide to elect specific inspections.

As you consider your choice also remember there are SO many inspection options.  The process is not that simple!  It’s NOT only a property inspection you may consider.  You the purchaser also have the decision to make regarding an air quality inspection for mold, fungi, etc….or an invasive/infrared stucco inspection, an interior chimney inspection, a property insurance claims history inspection, property boundary line inspection AKA “survey”, title search, a private septic inspection, a private well inspection, a new construction inspection and so much more…..

In the next chapter and following chapters (to be posted weekly) RE/MAX Achievers real estate will expand on the above thoughts for you offering more home inspection explanations, insights, inspectors to choose from and costs. 

Should you desire to learn more IMMEDIATELY or should you NEED an inspector reference list, contact RE/MAX Achievers real estate agents immediately! We are available instantly!

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